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Windows 8 means the era of overlapping windows is on the way out


Why is Windows 8 so bonkers? You can simply imagine a situation where mouse was never invented to find out its answer.

Palo Alto

Windows, Icons, Menus, and Pointers (WIMP) is one of the primitive acronyms in the world of computer (though predated by RTFM). And it has guided operating system design after the creation of the Xerox Alto.
What is clear is that the thought of pushing a mouse around on a work area and controlling windows, clicking the icons, and selecting from menus works. The business sector has pretty decisively approved the standards of WIMP.
However, you know what other thought that the business sector has effectively accepted? The iPad demonstrates that we need not to bother with WIMP any longer.


When you just have fingers to work with, number of the WIMP recommendation doesn’t sound well. Moving windows around is fastidious and troublesome, not only due to the real estate, but because the “hit targets” you are managing are so smaller.
While using mouse you can confidently hit the minimize button. By complexity a finger is big to the point that smashing the general range of the minimize button may hit what the screen believes is the “objective”, or not. The solution then, as the iPad did, was to simply dispose of overlapping windows
If we look at Windows 8, Metro-style apps run full screen. There are no overlapping windows. There’s limited support for popup windows but you rarely see dialogs.
This, then, is where we can start to see the deprecation of WIMP in Windows: Windows 8 Metro-style has no windows.

Next up icons

There are icons on the iPad but a different explanation is that icons really become “files”.

This article is about steve Jobs speaking about deprecating the system of files in iphone.
Keeping in view the market validation, even though iOS lacks user visible file system, people and business prefer to buy ipads. In all versions of Windows since v1 there has been a system for file front and center.
The system is buried in Windows 8 Metro-style.

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