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What are 5G and what are its Benefits?


There are many areas of UK where 4G coverage is still not provided, the mobile companies are already working on the production of fifth generation mobile phone technology. This will make our data connections faster than ever before. In this article, you will learn about what 5G is and what are its advantages?
1. It will be must faster as compared to previous technology:
According to Nokia they have tested 5G technology with the incredible download speed of 30 gigabits per second. This is thousands time faster than average 4G connection. While in real world it is unlikely that the cell phones get this much fast speed.

Trees, buildings, your distance from a mast and other customers trying to use the mobile phone network are going to reduce speeds dramatically in comparison to what Nokia was able to achieve in a lab.
The wireless communication industry is expecting 5G to be really speedy. And according to some experts, this high speed will also allow more users to be connected at a same time. This will give network more capacity and make the connections more reliable for mobile users.
2. It will make cars safer to drive!
Nokia’s 5G forecasts have made some brave statements including this. At present, the self driving test cars are powered by wireless networks. One issue with wireless technology which has developed as of now is that there’s a lot of latency, between the car’s sensor and the data center sending data to the auto. Most threatening outcome in this scenario is this could bring about a car to crash.
3. Ultra High definition video/Faster downloading:
The credit goes to wireless technology that many of us use our cell phones for live streaming and watch our favorite videos and download them. Most of us even make use of 4G for video streaming.
Now imagine, with faster speeds of 5G, it would become easier to browse in a little time and much quickly. For example it will be possible to stream feed of a football match in Ultra HD or a concert in real-time on your smart phone or tablet. That’s a revolution in itself.
You could even switch the camera angle and get really quick and instant replay. What is more interesting is that the video would be in a stunning 4K, which is almost four-times the resolution of HD.

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