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Phone Makers Look To Add-on Gizmos (GADGETS) To Revive Mobile Phone Market


Cell phone users who are looking for innovation at next week’s big industry show in Spain, Barcelona will need to look further than the handsets to additional gadgets which can be captivated up to their computing power. Nowadays, Phone buyers are less interested in buying devices which are only slightly improved than the ones they already own.
This leaves manufacturers in a little confusing position regarding innovations in new products as they come up with only faster processors, higher resolution screens or better cameras at lower prices. And even then the annual Mobile World Congress industry meeting in Barcelona is least expected to show some innovations in phones other than colored metallic cases and outsized screens, much similar to last year’s models.
According to stats, sales of only two of the top five retailers, Samsung and Huawei, have been increased in the last quarter, while Apple has suffered its first quarterly decline, with iPhone sales down 4.4 percent. Apple, which is regarded as the pioneer of Smartphone industry in 2007 still gathers the lion’s share of the earnings, because of its exciting software apps market and exclusive system of connected services.
Now, western markets are saturated for Apple and its main rivals and the growth of Chinese market which doubled its market from 2011 to 2013, has also halted with forecast growth of only 1-2 percent in 2016.
According to experts, the Chinese manufacturers cannot depend on their home market for growth so they must look elsewhere so they are assertively approaching every other market in the world
The Chinese companies are well positioned to take advantage of demand for mid and lower range smartphones in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, as well as make inroads into Western markets.
Their cost benefit allows them to drive reasonable, but more complicated midrange offerings.
One of the best features in Barcelona industry show would 360-degree cameras and virtual reality headsets with a smartphone and this will probably the key element in mobile phones models these year.

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