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Motivation in OEMs Mind while they launched Windows 8 Tablets


Windows 8 is finished with its mysterious rethought touchable-ness the OEMs can now all social gathering and begin making fabulous pack which spanks the young men and young ladies of Cupertino. Yet, no – rather than pack deserving of Windows 8, we get a bundle of patched up net books, an innovation the business sector rejected around the same time its relationship with the iPad began.
To do real work you need a keyboard?
Yes, I totally agree that if you want to input information into a computer you need a keyboard. The only problem with that premise is that the iPad isn’t a computer.
I’m a believer in that generally as a community we technicians are able to provide the market with what it needs. The market demands, we provide a solution.
Oh – half of the time we forget to do that and try and foist onto the market things that it doesn’t need – i.e. the classic “solution seeking problem” that so often seems to define the work we do.
Because we know that most people don’t use a keyboard with the iPad, and even those who own a keyboard don’t use it all the time, we know that the iPad doesn’t need one.
People get along just fine with their iPad entirely unnumbered by plasticy panels of microswitches. Yet in bizarro-OEM-land it’s like they can’t conceive of a world where people don’t use their iPads with keyboards.
Yet I wonder how many engineers or managers over at the OEMs actually use keyboards with their iPads.
Real computers need keyboards, which is why desktops and laptops have them. What’s not clear to me is why people think that Windows 8 running on something that looks like an iPad should suddenly become a clamshell laptop. That conflation is dangerous. You don’t need to choose between a real computer or an iPad, you likely need both.
Think about the last meeting you were in where one of your cohorts brought their iPad. Yes, yes, poser, bla, bla. The important part though is how they turned their attention from the meeting to the data on the screen and back again in a fluid way that, hopefully, didn’t piss off all the other participants.
The iPad is very sympathetic to that environment because it’s not the primary activity in the room. Each attendee almost certainly has a proper computer back at their desk, but sitting in a meeting clattering away at a keyboard doesn’t work; which is why people actually switch modes and go into a meeting room to confab in the first place. They’re looking to get away from their computers and concentrate on each other. The interesting part about the iPad is that it’s the first computing device that gets to go with their owners into that environment.
What the OEMs have shown this week is that they understand that proposition not one jot. Hence the keyboards.

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